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Clip ‘n Climb Plymouth – it’s not just for kids!

Clip ‘n Climb Plymouth – it’s not just for kids!

If you want to try indoor climbing then Devon is the place to do it. It’s where you’ll find the UK’s largest Clip ‘n Clip centre. Here’s all you need to know about visiting Clip ‘n Climb Plymouth – a fun all-weather activity for the whole family. Yep, even adults! 

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Looking up at children's on climbing wall at Clip 'n Clim Plymouth

Where to find Clip ‘n Climb Plymouth

Clip ‘n Climb is in Derriford on the edge of the city.

We found that the postcode took us to somewhere completely different so, if your SatNav or app allows, put in ‘Clip n Climb Plymouth’ rather than the postcode.

Here’s where you’ll find it:

Safety briefing 

Before you’re let loose in the climbing arena there’s a 10 minute safety briefing. During this you put on your harness, and watch a video about how they work and keeping safe while climbing.

The team check everyone’s harness and give words of encouragement to anyone feeling a little nervous.

Activities and climbing walls at Clip n Climb Plymouth

Girl on colourful climbing wall

I was impressed by the variety of climbing walls available to try. There’s more than 40 colourful, fun and sweat inducing activities, which is plenty to keep you occupied.

Girls on colourful balls climbing activity at climbing centre
Child on climbing wall at Clip 'n Clim Plymouth

All but two activities are included in the standard session price. These are the Leap of Faith and Drop Slide. We had a go at both.

Take a look at how we got on in this Instagram Reel:

Be aware that you pay for these activities in advance and there’s no refunds if you change your mind when see them in the flesh.

You also have to take your gos during your 55 minute session. They can’t be done separately or after your timed session is up.

Leap of faith 

Plymouth has a trapeze rather than a punch bag that you’ll find at some centres.

Our girls decided to send us adults up to have a try first – lucky us. My other half managed to grab the trapeze but it slipped right out of my super sweaty hands.

I’m not the best with heights and this activity really challenged me even though it wasn’t physically difficult. I found the ‘don’t thin about it, just do it’ method worked well.

You are given a special harness and helmet to wear during this acvitity, and you have to be 1.2m to have a go.

Drop Slide

Dad and daughter standing beside drop slide

The drop slide is actually more difficult than it looks.

You lay down at the bottom, hold onto the handle and are winched up. I don’t have a very strong grip so made a pretty poor effort of hanging on. The kids and I made it to the second marker up the slope before slithering back down.

My other half managed to hang on to the top and got the best slide.

You wear a helmet and boiler suit for this activity and have to be at least 1.2m to have a go.

Child on drop slide at clip and climb

How long do you get?

Your session in the climbing arena lasts approximately 55 minutes, not including the time for your briefing. 

Sessions start every 30 minutes so there is a bit of an overlap. You notice this as the arena is busier at these times. We booked a 10.30am session on a Sunday – prime birthday party time.

We queued for a very short time for popular activities like The Stairway to Heaven, but there were always walls free. 

Girl on Stairway to Heaven climbing activity at climbing centre

What age can children try Clip ‘n Climb?

Four is the youngest age for standard sessions but there are special sessions for children aged two to four. 

You get a full brief on how toy use your harness clip to attached yourself to the climbing lines and my nine-year-old had no problem doing this by herself.

My seven-year-old found it a bit more tricky and needed help. I simply followed her around and went up walls next to hers so I was close by to help her get on and off. There are also lots of Clip ‘n Climb staff in the arena to help.

Can adults go to Clip ‘n Climb?

Father and daughter on climbing walls

Yes! We had a blast. But be prepared to be in the minority if you’re an adult during daytime sessions.

We were the only parents harnessed up to climb, although their were other spectators helping their kids in the arena.

If you fancied getting a babysitter and coming back without the kids there’s adult only sessions on Friday nights.

Is there a weight limit for Clip ‘n Climb?

Yes. The maximum weight for participants is 22 stone or 150kgs.

Do you wear shoes at Clip ‘n Climb?

Yes. The only activity where you don’t wear shoes is the Drop Slide. For everything else you need to wear closed toe shoes.


There’s a cafe at Clip and Climb Plymouth serving pizzas, sandwiches, cakes and drinks. All the prices are very reasonable.

Here’s the menu when we visited:


Clip ‘n Climb Plymouth has its own car park. There were plenty of spaces when we arrived just after 10am on a Sunday but when you book you are warned that parking is limited. 

By the time we came out the car park was nearly full. There is a pay and display car park on William Prance Road on the other side of the roundabout. 

It’s advised that you arrive at the centre 15 minutes early in case you need to search for a space.

When is Plymouth’s Clip ‘n Climb open?

Clip ‘n Climb Plymouth is open Tuesdays, and Thursday to Sunday.

Booking Clip ‘n Climb

Numbers are limited to 20 in each session so it’s important to book in advance. Online is the easiest way. 

We were given gift vouchers at Christmas and found that we could only book one person at a time rather than input multiple codes, which was a bit awkward.

To check the latest booking information and prices visit the Clip ‘n Climb website.

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